Fully integrated platform for data collection & field crew management solution

GEOLANTIS, located in the south of Austria develops modern future oriented software solutions. We focus on mobile location-based applications for mapping / surveying and asset management. With our products, you can optimize your work processes, the mobile data collection and data analysis. Optimize hard daily work of your employees through the use of modern products. Create yourself a clear, measurable financial benefit. .

  • Highly accurate documentation of the infrastructure
  • Integrated solution for fast & efficient documentation
  • Standardized data formats & output
  • Automated workflows without any media breaks

Geolantis.360 COLLECTOR

Modern data collection app
  • Mapping / Surveying app
  • Running on Smartphones, Tablets, Leica Zeno 20
  • GNSS positioning with internal or external sensors
  • Feature class based object creation
  • Attribute forms
  • Photo documentation
  • Quality indicator
  • Running fully offline
  • Automatic synchronization with Geolantis.360 CLOUD
  • Offline base maps (Open Street Map)
  • Records all meta-data (Settings, Accuracy, etc.)


Cloud powered data & field management solution

Geolantis.360 VIEWER

Mobile CAD & GIS
  • Map engine with CAD & GIS capabilities
  • Background maps like Satellite map, Google, OSM,
  • WFS & WMS support
  • Full layer management
  • Works fully offline
  • Measure distances
  • Access devices internal position
  • Access external sensors
  • Navigate to objects
  • Access attribute data
  • Access attached documents

Geolantis.360 COLLECTOR

Modern data collection app
  • Integrates with EMI Locators from Leica, Radiodetection, Vivax-Metrotech, Subsite
  • Remote control data collection from Locator
  • Storage of all meta data
  • Sync to cloud backend
  • Utilizes high accuracy GNSS
  • Data is automatically synced to Cloud backend
  • Fastest possible workflow – Easiest handling
  • Export of data to standard formats like DWG, DXF, SHP, KML, CSV
  • Map engine with GIS & CAD capabilities

Geolantis.360 MANAGER

Cloud based management portal
  • Manage Spatial Data
  • Import / Export CAD & GIS data
  • Configure external WFS & WMS service
  • Serve data as WFS layers
  • Manage feature classes / layers & attributes
  • Access data and visualize on background maps
  • Filter by user, quality, date, etc..
  • Access meta data & analyze data quality
  • Visualize on Google Street View
  • Serve data directly to customers
  • Export to DXF, DWG, SHP, KML / KMZ, CSV.

Geolantis.360 INSPECTOR

Asset & Inspection Management
  • Spatially enabled Asset-Management & Inspections
  • Mobile forms, Field service management
  • Feature classed & task type based inspections
  • Form editor including mandatory fields
  • Weighted inspection results
  • Photos, Barcodes, NFC, etc..
  • Mobile work orders & forms
  • Easy access to assets on site
  • Smart mobile forms
  • Geo-Lock: Inspect only at asset location
  • Dashboards & reports

Geolantis.360 WORKFORCE

Workforce / Field force management / Dispatching
  • Field crew management
  • Schedule crew, equipment & vehicles
  • Calendar, List & Map views
  • Access job status in real time
  • Different task types are visualized with colors
  • Integrated holiday & leave management
  • Access task on mobile devices
  • Access work instructions & documents
  • Maps & Directions
  • Access CAD & GIS data on the integrated map
  • Forms with photos and signatures


Augmented reality
  • Augment the camera view of a mobile device with the subsurface utilities
  • Show different pipes and cable types in different colors
  • Display the diameter of the utilities
  • Allows to see the depth of utilities
  • Retrieve attributes, measure distances
  • Advanced algorithms for accurate and stable display
  • Works on any smart device (Tablet, Smartphone)
  • Works with Microsoft HoloLens
  • Improve accuracy with an external GNSS sensor
  • Connect to AR solutions from Augview & vGIS


Machine control
  • Feed data from Geolantis.360 to the excavators with a Machine control unit
  • Accurate positioning over RTK GNSS unit
  • Feed the utility location to the MC unit
  • A geo-fence zone is created around the utilities
  • MC prevents damages by stopping excavations around in the geo-fenced zones
  • Location of the geo-fenced utilities is shown on the control unit

Geolantis.360 – The platform for data collection

Fully integrated platform for data collection & field crew management solution