Our Partners


An Egyptian company specializing in geoinformation systems, general contracting, and surveying services, primarily focused on providing intelligent solutions based on modern technology, advanced devices, cloud services, and geospatial information system(GIS) techniques. The company also incorporates remote sensing (RS), deep learning, and artificial intelligence(AI) technologies in it's offerings.


MAPS sarl is a well-established and leading geospatial company in the Middle East and Africa. Founded in 1974 in Lebanon, MAPS is known as the company that has brought to the Middle East the latest state-of-the-art technologies in airborne and satellite imaging, ground based collection systems and customized GIS solutions. MAPS sarl serves all land-use and natural resource industries in the region.
MAPSGEO along with its aerial photography partners who own various type of aerial survey aircrafts, are equipped with up-to-date digital aerial camera having various resolutions to meet all kind of digital mapping project requirements.
For more detailed information about MapsGEO services and products, kindly visit https://mapsgeo.com/



GEOLANTIS, located in the south of Austria develops modern future oriented software solutions. We focus on mobile location-based applications for mapping / surveying and asset management.
With our products, you can optimize your work processes, the mobile data collection and data analysis. Optimize hard daily work of your employees through the use of modern products. Create yourself a clear, measurable financial benefit.


GISCON Middle East W.L.L. in Kuwait City, Kuwait, offers GIS consulting services and custom solutions that best fit the international working environment and utilizes the skills and experience of all GISCON competence centers in Germany to support our customers in the Arab countries and Europe. Our main focus is to help our customers to identify and realize efficient and cost-effective solutions for their GIS-related problems.



vGIS is an innovative augmented reality visualization platform for GIS data, geographic information system (GIS) which is a framework for gathering, managing, and analyzing data used by 15+ major industries globally. Our product portfolio includes a visual GIS platform and an array of custom mixed reality applications designed for Microsoft HoloLens.


CHEM TECHNO LLC specializes in the development, of polymer material and polymer mixture to support rock stabilization in the mining industry, tunneling and special underground construction, a variety of anchor systems, cement-sand compositions, waterproofing, sealing, and fastening of rock masses.
TECHNOLOGICAL SOLUTIONS • Rock stabilization • Strengthening soils and foundations • Fastening of mine working • Construction of lintels and filling of voids • Waterproofing and airproofing • Geotechnics and geotechnology • Protection of rocks from weathering



VC4 is a leading independent provider of comprehensive Network Inventory Management Solutions to operators, carriers, utility providers, greenfield projects and more. We offer VC4-IMS: a complete OSS Business tool.
VC4 Network Inventory Management solution will help you to maintain and plan your network, automate key processes, and boost operational efficiency.

Blue Stallion Technologies

Blue Stallion Technologies was founded in 2001 to import, distribute, and support technical, scientific, and business software in the Southern African market. It is our objective to identify the best-of-breed software solutions available internationally and to offer them to local users, backed by training and support. Blue Stallion Technologies is the global partner for Any Logic software in Africa.


Any logic is a simulation and modeling tool that supports discrete events, system dynamics, and agent-based modeling.
Anylogic Version 8.8

Wolfram Systems Modeler

Build high-fidelity models using predefined components in an easy drag-and-drop environment. Perform numerical experiments on your models 

Wolfram Mathematica V13.2

Adding more than 117 new functions with application areas including Machine Learning, Neural Networks, Blockchain & NFTs.

Origin 2023

Origin is an easy-to-use software application that provides powerful data analysis and publication-quality graphing capabilities tailored to the needs of scientists and engineers.

High Technology Development(HTD)

High Technology Development (HTD)has been working in a lot of fields of information technology since 2018, starting from the ICT application development through the web, desktop, and smartphone, and ending with hardware solutions
Products & Services: • Web Applications Development • Mobile Applications Development • Emails Solution • Desktop Applications Development • Security and Penetration Testing • On and off Cloud Servers, data centers, and Hosting Solutions. • IT Infrastructure Solutions • IT Consultation • Internet of Things & Building Management System consultation